Cannabis retail FAQ's

    What are the City's regulations for cannabis retail stores?

    New regulations for cannabis stores are now in effect. The Zoning Bylaw identifies 10 lots on which 'Cannabis Store' is a permitted use and there is a limit of 4 stores within the City.

    The 4-store limit is based on direction from Council and reflects the guiding principles for the planning process endorsed in May 2019. As per the guiding principles, the City is taking measured and incremental steps in planning for cannabis stores. Eligible lots were identified through analysis of the OCP, zoning and lot size criteria, and refined based on community feedback. This resulted in a reasonable number of lots for pre-zoning (10 lots) in order to accommodate the 4-store limit. The opportunity for additional lots and stores could be considered by Council in the future, based on the City's experience with the first 4 stores.

    What was the outcome of the Application Process for Cannabis Retail Stores?

    A consolidated intake and competitive review process for cannabis store applications was completed in October 2020. Applications were received during a three-month intake period (February 3 – May 1) and then processed concurrently in accordance with Council’s Cannabis Retail Store Policy. This included application screening, a public input process, and evaluation of the applications based on guidelines in the Policy.

    On October 19, 2020, Council passed a resolution to support four of the seven applications that were under consideration, including: 

    • Meta Cannabis Supply Co., located at Clearbrook Town Square, 32500 South Fraser Way

    • BC Cannabis Store, located at Highstreet Shopping Centre, 3122 Mt Lehman Road

    • This is Cannabis, located at Abbotsford Village Shopping Centre, 2070 Sumas Way

    • Muse Cannabis Store, located at Parallel Marketplace, 1920 North Parallel Road

    For a summary of the application process, results, and next steps, see the November 2020 Bulletin, Council Report PDS 107-2020 or watch the October 19 presentation (fast forward to 3:15 pm). For more information, contact staff at or 604-864-5510.

    What are the next steps?

    The intent of the City’s regulatory framework has been fulfilled with Council’s endorsement of 4 applications. Once all 4 stores are open and operational for a period of time, at the direction of Council, staff may review the regulatory framework and make adjustments, if needed, to improve the approach. This could include a review of City bylaws and/or Policy C005-11, including the number of permitted stores. For more information, please contact staff at or 604-864-5510.